Friday, July 23, 2010

A Summer of Revelations

Alright, so I absolutely survived my first summer semester back to college. I've missed blogging, but I just haven't had the time between the usual "goings on" here with the kids and the farm and the classes. I took Composition I online and Psychology I on campus. I loved both of my classes, especially once I took a "chill pill."

First, I decided to go back to school last spring. After thinking very hard about a career in nursing, I decided that what I really want is to counsel other people, especially children. In the state of Kansas, this means I will need a Masters. I have time to decide whether I will obtain my bachelor's in Psychology or Social Work, and then a master's to follow. Imagine the levels needed to fulfill this goal; out of about 100 squares I'm on number 2. Lots of grins, though. I just don't mind.

That "chill pill" I was referring to happened about a month into schooling. I was soooo stressing about writing "perfect" papers, taking "perfect" tests, that I just about imploded! When I stood back and evaluated the priorities in my life, specifically, what I wanted to be my personal best at, I realized that getting a high "A" in every class was not at the top of my list. Do I think I have the ability to get all A's in my classes? Yes. However, is it worth it to grump at my husband and kids, stress out, and lose sleep over it? NO! When I realized it wasn't even within the top 3 on my list of important stuff, well, I just relaxed and enjoyed. Of course, the house duties fell behind, the spring-sheared wool was neglected, and the house dogs got stinky; however, I started smiling more and laughing with my daughters. Although hubby NEVER complained -- God Bless the man! -- I'm sure he was a bit relieved as well. Isn't it funny how a simple shift in focus can make the days brighter and the pack on one's back lighter?

During this summer of evaluating, prioritizing and revelations, Troy and I have decided to homeschool our children. Our oldest is four years, so it will be a gradual process, nothing stressful for either of us. At her young age, I'd be fine if she just wanted to play all of the time, but she seems to be inheriting my love for books -- YAHOO! -- and is anxious to learn to read. Who am I to slow that thirst for knowledge?! Troy and I are very excited about the possibilities and advantages they will gain from homeschooling.

Of course, with homeschooling and my own personal choice to "not stress out", my own schooling will simmer on the back burner. As time allows I will continue to plug away at my own courses, and I'm very happy with that decision. If I'm not able to fully pursue my degree(s) until they are off to college, that will simply serve to help me fill the lonely gap their leaving home will undoubtedly create.

Pscyhology was a blast, but I enjoyed my Composition class more than I suspected I would. I have posted my two favorite class essays onto my "Artsy Stuff" blog; one was about a memorable event, and the other was about a memorable person -- both directly pertaining to my own life.

Now that school is out, I can catch up on the housework, the sheep that need deworming, the chicken coops that need cleaning, and the wool that needs skirting & washing. I can start sewing a new quilt and practice making yarn with my drop spindle, at least for a little while. I can even resume taking pics and blogging about sheep, guineas, and all of the other numerous critters that live here (or just stop by for a visit).   :)


I would like to thank my lovely teacher, Ms. Patty McDonald, for all of her help. I wish you could proof everything I write! Your words of encouragement were bolstering to my confidence and very much appreciated.

Thank you Troy, for all of your loving support.

Thank you Ashyln & Scarlett, for loving your Mommy even when she was a tired "grumpy bear."

Thank you Steph, Dani, Mom, Grandma & Grandpa for your listening ears and loving words.

Thank you Dad for discussing Psychology with me; I've enjoyed our talks since I was a little girl.

Thank you to my fellow bloggers for giving me much needed diversions from my schoolwork and stress, especially when I was up late trying to stretch my brain cells for another test.

Thank you God for your ever-patient, loving guidance.