Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can't Sleep, Want Some Eggs?

Well, dog gone it... just can't sleep. Go figure. The kids are sleeping, hubby's not snoring, and the animals are at peace... but can I sleep with all of this quiet?! Geesh! So, in my now 4 am stupor, I'm going to blog about chicken eggs. Yeah, that's right, EGGS.

These pics are egg comparisons, fascinating right? Well, for me it really is pretty cool. My longtime friends from high school, and my 18 year old nephew, are probably thinking, "OMG, Kim's life is sooo boring!" Tee hee... I really don't mind. There is a great peace in finding joy in such simple things. My Dad assures me that the older you get, happiness can be had from the simplest of things, such as the mailman showing up on time. :) O.k., so back to the egg comparisons...
This first pic shows eggs from different breeds. I could have a guessing contest, but what would be the prize and just who would really want to participate? :) Not to mention, I know those of you who read this might not be able to handle the suspense!

Top row, Left to Right: (1) blue green medium egg from 8 month old Americauna (Easter Egger type) hen, (2) green large egg from Easter Egger / Buff Orpington cross adult hen

Bottom row, Left to Right: (1) tan extra large egg from Buff Orpington / Black Australorp cross adult hen, (2) brown extra large egg from Bauvine adult hen, (3) brown GINORMOUS double yolker egg from Bauvine adult hen, (4) white small egg from Guinea - Ha! Didn't see that one coming, did you? , (5) dark brown & speckled medium egg from 8 month old Welsummer hen

This next pic is a pic of the same eggs in an extra large egg carton. Exciting because of the GINORMOUS double yolker egg. We couldn't even close the carton lid. Maybe it was really a migrating goose, using our barn for an hour? Hmmm. Either way, it tasted great!

Egg pic #3... Side by side comparison of store bought white egg with free range (that means bug eatin' to you city folk) chicken egg. Look at the yolk color, and oh, the taste! I was raised on the store bought, but I will never go back to them again... never! Side note: I do not have any white egg layers, aside from the guineas whose eggs I rarely can find. However, I tried some white from a neighboring farm once. It was from a leghorn free range hen, and it was just as delicious as the brown. Free range is what makes ALL the difference.

And here's another pic or two, or four, to show you why my life really, absolutely is NEVER boring, rarely quiet and oh so full...

While all is quiet, I'm going to tiptoe back to bed. I'm hoping for a few z's before the whole place comes back to life. Wish me luck! I hope no one reads this until daylight... sleep is a good thing. :)


  1. I love your blog, your pics, and your egg stories. I agree with you about the taste of fresh eggs vs. store-bought. Friends of ours raise chickens, and we have received several of their eggs. Mmmmmmm!

  2. Julie, thanks. :) Glad you have access to local freshies. My family is now hooked on them as well. Even if I move into the city when I'm old, hopefully I'll be able to keep 2 or 3 chickens for the fresh eggs supply. More & more cities are allowing this, so long as they are kept penned and limited in numbers.

  3. Go to sleep Kim... ;-) Actually though it's a great post, considering your were typing at 4 a.m. even! The difference between the 'store bought' (aka factory farmed) eggs and the free range egg layers is amazing. About once a year I have to buy from the store, (usually for Christmas baking) and it's pretty sad the difference. I enjoyed the comparison pix of the different breeds and what their eggs look like. Do you like the Welsummers as a breed? I love their dark egg shells.

  4. Tammy, glad you enjoyed the egg commentary! I have two Welsummer hens that I bought as chicks last fall. Like you, I enjoy the dark speckled eggs and had read they were another friendly, hardy bird. One of the Welsummers has gone broody, however. She nests night and day, on anybody's eggs. If I come near her she raises quite a ruckus. At first I just let her, but when she started nesting on others' eggs I had to start "stealing" them from her. When it starts to get hot outside I don't want her keeping them all day and have them spoil. We don't have any roosters so they aren't going to hatch. Poor thing. I wish I had a way of explaining that to her. lol She is the first hen, in my 2 years of chicken experience, that has gone broody. The other Welsummer hasn't shown any signs of this behavior. Thank goodness. :)

  5. Oh boy, 4 am thinking about chicken eggs. It's the simple things that make life enjoyable, huh? Glad the lambs finally came even if they are rams. Sooo cute!!

  6. Tammy G: Lambs are soo cute, aren't they? Still no immediate sign of Brownie lambing. She's HUGE. I'm anxious to see what she's cooking in there! :)