Friday, June 11, 2010

Guinea Update

What the heck?! Our lavender female just showed up with the male yesterday. She's been missing for over a week! I've yet to hear her call her "buck-whee" sound. In fact, she hasn't uttered a peep. VERY odd for a guinea. They are not known for their quiet dispositions. However, she looks fit, and she's roosting in the barn again. What kind of adventure do you suppose she's been on?


  1. Very strange!
    Hey send me an email. I can't seem to find yours!

  2. Just took a beginning of summer vacation and it left her speechless!

  3. Marie, oui, strange! (Email sent) :)

    Pam, that'd be some vacation! :)

  4. Good news! I've never had guineas, as I've heard they are quite vocal about everything and that'd get on my nerves big time. When I was a teenager though, one day a whole flock of white guineas came through the neighborhood. Two elected to stay at our house and hung out with the chickens. Of course they wouldn't stay in any pen, so their eventual fate (after several years) was, you guessed it--getting ran over on the highway. After the whole flock went through we later found out they belonged to a neighbor about a mile away. "His" flock never went home, but ended up at several houses up and down the road. Crazy.

  5. Tammy, I've heard about the roaming habits of guineas too. Maybe I should check with my neighbors to see if they've had any visitors! Ha!

    And by the way, still no female sounds from my guinea hen. She's acting/looking fine otherwise. Go figure.