Friday, August 6, 2010

Sheep Shots

Before my chip ran out of room last night, I took some early evening shots of the sheep.

The lambs are growing, growing, growing. They have turned out to be: 1 musket, 2 moorit w/silver (fawn-like), and 1 moorit. All of the ram lambs have retained beautiful body structure from their sire, Conway.

The musket boy has ended up as my top pic for a herd sire; he has Brownie's fabulous lock structure (soft and curly), Conway's wool length (approx. 4 - 5 inches), and a beatiful and wide horn spread. The moorit would make a lovely sire as well, with his long, primitive coat and dark coloring. Both of them are respectful, even standoffish -- which is very helpful in a ram.

The two fawn-like boys are to be wethered at the vet's very soon. Both of them are super friendly and have gorgeous wool, but their horns are too close together on their heads for my liking. Not to mention, their friendly personalities will make them excellent fiber pets. Except for one wether, they are still for sale.

Please let me know if you're interested in taking home one of these handsome fellows! I can send more photos of wool close-ups, etc. Enjoy!


  1. Such lovely pasture for them; I'm jealous! Of course, I have pasture early when some of the Midwest is still under snow, so I guess it all evens out.... Fleeces look very nice, too!

  2. Yes, we are lucky to have lots of nice pasture; although, we're starting to run low on rain here and we're in the high 90's every day. Still, looks pretty darn green overall. In the two years that we've had sheep, they've really helped with sprucing it up; we have some more acreage that I'd like to put them on to start eating down the noxious weeds, but that would require more fencing that we just don't have yet. As it is, it's time to move them to a poison oak corral that's grown up again. I'm always loathe to put them there because I can't pet them while they're in there. They must earn their keep though. :)

  3. I didn't realize you have poison oak there! We have it here, too, although on our property only down in the wooded corner where none of the animals are kept. The lady we bought this place from had pygmy goats, and they cleaned it all up.