Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beautiful Spring Day

"She's not looking... quick, give her a sniff!"

Oh, what a day. There's a constant breeze, the sun is shining, and it's about 70 degrees right now. The sheep are grazing, and panting a bit too... shearer will be here this weekend. The chickens are cackling with pride as each egg is layed, and the guineas are alerting the farm with their all too pleasant "buck-whee, buck-whee.... chee, chee, chee..." every time a car drives by or a butterfly sails across the yard, seriously. Even with the guineas calling, it's still just a pleasant and beautiful day. I'll share some pics taken from our video camera (we have two digital cameras that went on the blitz at the same time, go figure).
Marty gettin' his scratch on... "ahhhhh"

"Green Acres is the place to be, bock, bock!"

"I'm too sexy for my shirt, so sexy it hu-urts..."

Such cute little wethers. "Pet me, pet me..."

"We love it when she gives us trimmed tree branches to munch on..."

"Hey Brownie, when should we tell the food lady that we're just pretending to be pregnant so we can keep getting extra treats?" ... Seriously girls, when are those lambs gonna drop?

The End!


  1. Wow, Brownie has lots of wool- beautiful! I bet they wait until a rainstorm to have their lambs. Seems like horses and other animals have their babies when the barometric pressure changes and it makes it most uncomfortable for the human caregiver going out in a thunderstorm to keep checking.

  2. Love the pictures. The boys are looking great. Love Marti's sweet expression (looks just like his ma!) Hoping your girls lamb soon, silly girls.
    Tammy (from Fairlight...) :-)

  3. p.s. I meant to say that your fleeces look pretty clean to me! They are looking really good.

  4. Thanks Tammy. I thought the fleeces looked clean in these pics too. Of course, the real mess is up close to the skin... lots of little bits of hay, etc. Don't they call that "chaffe" or something like that? (That was a complete guess on the spelling too.) :)

    It's supposed to rain tonight/tomorrow. We'll see. :) I'm beginning to wonder if I'm just imagining their pregnancies because I want them to be so. If I am, they've been getting WAY too many treats because their bellies are hanging below the ends of their wool. :) We'll see how they look after shearing on Sunday.