Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stripped of all dignity...

Well, Mr. Brim had his surgery yesterday, and it went very well. The post surgical x-rays looked great! As the screws are attached it actually pushes the bones together, nice and straight. Due to this, he has been in a lot of pain. He's a tough dog, and he was whimpering on/off last night, even with high doses of pain medication. I wanted him close so I could help him during the night, if need be. SO, he stayed in our bathroom all night. And, once the house settled down for the night, he did as well. What a good pup. Anyhow, the vet said he should be feeling much better 2 to 3 days after surgery. Surgery has given him the best chance for a full recovery. Keep your paws, and fingers, crossed that recovery is short and uneventful!

As for the title regarding the loss of his dignity, well... Before surgery, we had him shaved down and bathed at the vet clinic. 1: to keep him cool as it gets hotter out, and 2: nice and clean in case he needs to come inside. Of course we told him how handsome he looks, etc. However, between the bandaged leg, the shave down and the drugged look in his eyes... it just spells "beaten down". Poor pup. At least he's not panting while he's laying on the cool patio, like he usually would be. I'll keep all posted on his recovery. Thanks for all the well wishes!


  1. Oh dear.. What a sight that big nekkid boy is. I agree though, it was a good idea to go ahead and get him 'dehaired' anyway, so that you can keep a better eye on what's going on with him. Plus I bet he is a much smaller dog w/out all that hair! ha. Here is praying he recovers quickly and that the pain soon subsides.

  2. Well, the doc was right. He's feeling so much better. He's already trying to bop around, with hardly any painkillers. Dogs are such champs, aren't they? I'd be such a wuss in his paws! :)