Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shearing Day

It was a beautiful day for shearing. Danny was here and gone in a flash... it doesn't take long for a professional shearer to clean up 5 sheep, like 15 minutes total of actual buzz time.

Of course everyone always looks so small, especially our little wether, Marty. He's always been tiny, but now he looks like a newborn lamb. Unfortunately for him, the other 2 boys have been picking on him ever since they were sheared. The ewes were done first and released, being pregnant and all. Marty was next, and I have to wonder if there's a spot on his side that smells like the ewes. He kept sniffing there (see the pic), then the guys were sniffing there, getting excited, then chasing and ramming him. Poor little guy. At least they're not penned up, so he has an acre to run will nilly to avoid any real damage. Night is upon us, so I'm sure everyone will settle down to sleep here soon. Still, I hate to see my poor sweetie being picked on.

The fleeces are now bagged, waiting to be skirted. Here's a quick pic taken while they were cooling down. I couldn't skirt right away because I had to make dinner for the family. Cleaning those messy fleeces will be a chore for another day.

Here's a couple shots of the girls post shearing. I was able to get a really good look at their udders when the shearer was working. Wow, what a difference a few weeks makes. We clipped, vaccinated, dewormed them about 3 weeks ago, prepping for lambing. Since then their udders have filled in and look like water balloons. Those babies should be here verra soon!

The pic isn't the clearest, still having to use the video camera for still shots. However, can you see Brownie's udders? Woo hoo... I'm looking forward to seeing their lambs. That just might be my next post! Happy Sunday to all!


  1. Glad to see that the shearer came through! It sure is nice to get that chore done, isn't it? Those sheepies sure like they are in 'good condition' ahem. ;-) Hopefully your girls will lamb soon. Wow...I'm guessing the fleece in front is Griffey's? or is it Brownie's? The sheep always act like jerks when they are first sheared. If they keep at Marty, smear something like vicks or spray cheap perfume on his 'spot' and on their noses too, if they still aggravate. Have a great week!

  2. Tammy, it's VERY nice to have that chore done. However, I'm still considering trying it myself next year. I'll have to sacrifice a fleece or two to get it right. We'll see. I might be in school full time then too, so who knows? :) At least if I do it myself I can do them one at a time, with little stress. Maybe I'm just kidding myself! lol And, yes, that fleece in front's Brownie's. I might post some pics to see if anyone out there can tell me what color Pixie's fleece has turned out to be. I'm swaying towards Iset, but maybe she's just some sort of modified. I've googled images of shaela sheep out there, and every shepardess seems to have their own ideas of color definitions. According to a shetland sheep website Shaela can take several forms, but they don't have many pics. Either way, it's a fun color and would look great in a sweater or a pair of socks! :)

    'Good condition'... Griffey almost looks pregnant. Ha!

    Thanks for the perfume/vicks idea. Everybody seems to have calmed down this morning, thank goodness. I remember last year the sheep being jerks right after shearing. Maybe it's some sort of stress release/weightless feeling/you look weird kind of thing! :) You have a great week too!

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  4. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock... maybe your watching them too much as the old saying goes a watched pot never boils so maybe a watched ewe never lambs. Ha! Bags look nice and full.

    Normally when a goat gets to this size kidding is just around the corner. And for goats you can tell when you they are close by "spagetti strings (ligaments) on either side of the tail become soft and pliable. And sometimes they also ooze some white mucus within 24 hours of kidding. Too bad sheep aren't like that. Mysterious little creatures!

    Maybe you should start a "when will the ewe's lamb content". :) I say this Friday night as a very strond upper level low is going to track over us bringing a chance of strong weather. A Change Barometric pressure will surely bring lambs!