Friday, April 30, 2010

Pixie's Lambs Have Arrived!

Well, at long last...
Introducing Fairlight Pixie and her twin ram lambs.

Many of you know we didn't have a due date, seeing as the ram was in with the ewes all through the fall and winter. So, I've been anxiously watching our girls for any sign of labor since March. I've read up on all sorts of signs, and they've kept me guessing for quite some time. Tammy @ Fairlight Farms told me that one of the signs was the "hollowing out" in front of the hips, once the babies drop. This would be a sure sign that lambs would arrive within 24 hours or so. Well, yesterday morning rounds showed the hollowed hips and the dropped belly. And, while she was laying down I caught a quick glimpse of her vaginal area... did it look extra swollen? She stood up quickly, but I didn't pursue investigation any further. I came in and told Troy, "It wouldn't surprise me if those babies were born today." Of course, he just looked at me in disbelief... I mean, hadn't he heard that one before?!

Around 2:15pm, before I left for the afternoon bus route, I checked on her. Still the same... eating grass, just chillin' out. O.k.

At 5:30pm I looked out the window, and OH MY!!! Was she licking something? Yes!!! I jumped up and down and squealed like a stuck piglet (yes, really). I raced outside with the camera in tow. Yep, two beautiful lambs. She was cleaning them off, and her afterbirth was already working itself out. Oh, the joy. It seemed all of the animals, even the chickens, had lined up against the fence to watch Pixie's little miracle. It's very touching to watch the ram and whethers stick their noses through the fence to smell the babies. They were all so gentle.

I, Troy, and our kids just watched for awhile. Then after a bit, I gathered my supplies and went into the corral to coax Pixie into the lambing jug with her babies. Of course when I first walked off with her lambs she looked panic stricken. Once she followed us into the jug though, she realized all was well, and I had no intention of hurting her little boys. She calmly watched while I trimmed up & sterilized two excessively long umbilical cords (they were dragging the ground), gave them their Nutri-Drench, and checked for sex identity. I packed extra hay into their jug, gave Pixie some Molasses water and left the little crew alone to bond and rest. Thirty minutes later though I heard a mewling, because baby lambs sound more like cats I've discovered, and baahing from Pixie. It seems the holes in the fencing of the lamb jug were just too big... one lamb was out, trying frantically to get back in with momma. Brownie was even looking frantic and confused, like "what the heck is going on here?" Oops. Well, I put baby back in, then Troy and I went back out after putting our own kids to bed and used chicken wire and zip ties (my favorite trick by the way) to shore up the two side by side lamb jugs. Phew! No more stranded babies!

So, I'm happy to report that everyone is looking great this morning. Little tails are wagging as they nurse from their momma. Pixie's grunts and baby's squeaks are heard as they learn each other's language... which Troy and I find completely charming! Pixie is a wonderful mother already. She's so gentle, careful where she steps. She's doing her job keeping them clean and nursed. Way to go girl!

It's raining today, so pics of dried off lambs will be saved for another post. However, it does look like we have two solid moorit ram lambs -one with a white krunet on top of his head, just like his Dad, Conway.

I'll keep you posted on Brownie's progress. Hopefully, she will have just as easy a time lambing as Pixie and bless us with some beautiful ewe lambs!

God Bless and Happy Friday to All!


  1. Woot! So happy your first lambing was as it should be. Both your girls come from a long line of fiercely gentle little moms. I see you've already discovered they can slip through impossible places. I use allot of chicken wire too! Well, we would have wished for ewes (and spots), but healthy lambs are the ultimate goal. Sounds like you are really enjoying them....makes me realize how I've grown accustomed to the process and maybe don't take the time to enjoy anymore. I'd guess that Brownie will lamb soon...but you know how THAT goes! ha... Thanks for letting me know, and a big CONGRATS!

  2. Kim! That is wonderful news!! All that wind yesterday just sucked them out. LOL! I am so glad everything went so smoothly for you! The are so precious! And just wait lamb races are already scheduled for next week. (just wait, you'll see:))If they stay a true moorit color I may be intersted in one of them.

  3. Marie: "wind sucked them out" ha! It was just about strong enough to, wasn't it? At least it was a dry, sunny day. Any takers on your lambs yet? Has their color changed much? With the Ag gene it's keeps you guessing for awhile, eh? Brownie is a Musket so we'll probably have some sort of Ag with her babies, but we'll see.

    Tammy: Thanks Tammy. I remember you talking about Willow being a great mom, but I couldn't remember much about Pixie's mom. I'm glad to see she's following in her dam's footsteps. As for the fence, it's hard to visualize how small they are until you've seen them in person. Now I'm scouting around at the other fencing that's SUPPOSED to keep them contained, once they're out of the lamb jug. The entire maternity corral has chicken wire on the bottom, for chicks we had last summer. However, it could be straightened out and shored up in places. As for enjoying them, yes... even though I've been really tired from all of the busyness lately, the lambs have got me smiling a lot more. Watching her with the newborns reminded me of when my girls were born, minus the licking. :)